Our Products

Ready made garments in alpaca fibres in unique colours and styles.

Male customers are also catered for.

For the summer season and in-between seasons ready-made garments in Pima cotton, a long fibre cotton with a silky smooth feel, also from Peru.

Handmade sterling silver jewellery (950 grade) with an almost endless range of styles and patterns also  imported from Peru and suitable for males and females of any age.

Designs may be traditional laced and filligram or new and contemporary not seen previously in Australia or overseas.

Fashion accessories from Peru, Spain or France, including costume jewellery, leather or metal belts, leather, metal or alpaca hand bags, shoulder bags and apparel bags, hair clips and scarfs 

Recognized brand skin care from France and from Quebec in Canada


Predominantly the thermal properties

Attributes include:

  • lightweight / breathe easy / hypo-allergenic fabric 
  • Predominantly the thermal properties
  • Attributes include lightweight / breathe easy / hypo-allergenic fabric
  • The feeling is warm and comfortable
  • Silky soft texture better than cashmere
  • Stronger and warmerthan wool
  • Extremally durable- yet luxurious
  • More than 24 natural colours and an unlimited palette of dyed colours
  • Anti-flammable
  • Resistance to odours/ tearing/staining/static electricity&ageing.
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